10 "Splurge-Free" Spring Break Activities

10 "Splurge-Free" Spring Break Activities

1. Play tourist in your own town.

Stop by your town's Visitor Center and learn more about your city's history. Use the following links for your city's Visitor Center: 

2. De-clutter your house.

Then make some money through having a garage sale with what you find.

3. DIY to your heart's content.

Spring Break may give you the perfect opportunity to finally finish that DIY project you started 2 months ago. Head over to our Pinterest for some DIY projects on a budget!

4. Attend free music/movies in the park.

Check your local papers and websites for free events happening. 

5. Pamper yourself!

Take time to relax and enjoy the moment. Try that hair conditioning treatment your mother-in-law gave you for Christmas or give your nails a fresh coat of paint. Make a day out of it by making your bathroom into a spa, complete with facials, manicures, and if you're lucky swap massages with your spouse or children!

6. Get outside!

Ride your bike, walk, run, or whatever you want - just do something outside and soak up some Vitamin D.

7. Get lost in between the pages of a book.

Finish that novel you've been meaning to dust off or re-read one of your favorites. Here are 13 books for the beach (or for imaging you're at the beach)!

8. Volunteer your time.

Local animal shelters, libraries, or food pantries may be looking for new volunteers!

9. Channel your inner Joanna Gaines.

Try re-designing or re-organizing a room in your house with items you already have. It's like shopping in your own home!

10. Express the artist inside you.

Coloring books aren't just for kids anymore. If you've been in a store lately, you've probably noticed a plethora of adult coloring books stocking the shelves. Your children can join in on the fun and create their own piggy bank with this coloring sheet.


If all else fails, visit your local FNB Community Bank branch to ask us about any financial questions you may have. Make your visit on Friday, and you could score some free popcorn!

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