15 Tips to Save Money on Valentine's Day

15 Tips to Save Money on Valentine's Day

1. Buy flowers from local grocery stores and even warehouse stores.

If the stores keep their flowers refrigerated, they are likely to last just as long as those from a florist.

2. Be picky.

Roadside vendors do not usually get the best products and will not last as long.

3. Look for potential.

Choose flowers with tight buds because they will blossom after you buy them, which means longer lasting blooms in your home.

4. Use the food.

Most bouquets will come with food, but if they do not, ask for it and actually use it. 

5. Demand quality.

Ask for replacement flowers from wherever you purchased the buds if they die early.

6. Bring the celebration home.

Save the money you would have spent at a restaurant and make cooking together part of the celebration. 

7. Eat somewhere new.

If you usually eat at the kitchen table, try enjoying your meal together on your comfy couch or even in front of your lit fireplace.

8. One goes a long way.

Keep decoration costs down by using the petals from one or two roses and spread throughout the dining area.

9. Keep it light.

Go with a light and inexpensive dessert like sorbet and garnish with fruit that you already have in the house.

10. Don't let the shine blind you.

When it comes to jewelry, only look at what you can afford. Don't take the romance out of it though, go with your gut, within your budget.

11. Use your resources.

The internet is a great tool to utilize as a pricing guide, but try to find a local jeweler who will price match. It is easier to visit your local jeweler for a repair.

12. Give from your heart.

The best gifts are sometimes homemade. Try writing your own card with a more personal message.

13. Opt for an earlier meal.

A Valentine's breakfast or lunch will usually be more affordable than a traditional Valentine's dinner.

14. Have a sweet tooth. 

Save money by eating dinner at home, then indulge on a dessert at the fancy restaurant you made a reservation for two months ago.

15. Spend quality time together.

Take a walk, visit a museum with free admission, or find a community event. When you are with the one you love, anything can be romantic.

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