Filling Tummies

Filling Tummies

Each week, we are proud to feature a customer's side hustle or small business. As your community bank, helping your business succeed is our main goal.

This week we are proud to feature Filling Tummies!

Lisa Blacknoll, local mother of 3, started Filling Tummies about a year and a half ago with the mission of bringing nutritious food to hungry children in Oklahoma City.

She was inspired to start her side hustle because of the heartbreak she had over knowing that kids who go to school with her children, or live right in our community don't have food to eat. She said, "It seems unbelievable, but sadly its true." The fact that many people eat several times daily without thinking of others, or taking the action to do something to help gave her the motivation to be a difference maker.

Once she realized Oklahoma is consistently in the bottom 5 states for hunger, 1 in 4 kids go to bed hungry, and 1 in 6 Oklahomans don't know where their next meal is coming from, she decided it was time to begin. She set out to raise awareness, as well as make an impact that will touch lives forever. Lisa said, "Food is essential and something we all have in common, so who wouldn't want to help?"

Her first short-term goal is to deliver 200,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to local schools, after school programs, and senior centers in areas that have a high risk for food insecurity. Her team's focus is on ensuring kids have food for nights and weekends, on top of providing healthy food to improve their general nutrition.

Lisa's second short-term goal for Filling Tummies is to gain additional sponsorships from local supporters. Sponsorship allows Filling Tummies to provide food to neighbors who are suffering on an ongoing basis. In return, they are placing the logos of their local business supporters on the bus, which serves as a mobile billboard as they travel the roads to deliver healthy food. In recognition of their individual donors, they are placing their names on an A-line frame, which is set up when the bus is parked to distribute food.

As for her long-term goal, Lisa hopes to secure enough recurring support that they can sustain the mobile bus for years to come and reach even more people who are suffering from hunger. Her mission is to improve Oklahoma's low rank among hunger in America.

When asked about an unforgettable memory during her time with Filling Tummies, Lisa said "Yes, but it may bring you to tears." She provided a video of this memorable encounter:

Lisa also mentioned, "FNB Community Bank has been very supportive. We love that we can interact personally and when we asked if the bank had the ability to do auto withdrawals from our donors on bi-weekly, or monthly basis, they said yes! Its a great capability for those who donate $25, or $50 each time they get paid, and we are glad FNB provides this flexibility of service to support great causes like ours."

Upcoming Event: Bubbles & Brunch "Brunch for a Cause" Oct. 6, 11am-3pm at Chef Curry to Go restaurant (5701 N. Western Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73118).


For anyone who is interested in being a donor or establishing a business sponsorship, please email or call Lisa at 405-625-3854. For anyone interested in volunteering with Filling Tummies, please go to their website and complete the volunteer form. You can also donate directly to their GoFundMe page. 

For supporters now through the end of November who donate as a gift in the name of someone else or as a memorial remembrance gift, Filling Tummies has a special Christmas ornament which will be sent to the donor as a token of their appreciation. Please make a comment on the Go Fund Me page sharing who you are honoring and they will reach out to you regarding your gift.




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