It's your debit card, why not customize it with your own image? Now you can!

Introducing My Debit Card from FNB Community Bank.

Add your own personal image to your debit card for only $10.


Read our terms and conditions and guidelines below then request a My Debit Card.

FNB Community Bank My Debit Card personalized debit card service is subject to the following terms and conditions.  These terms and conditions supplement, but do not replace, the terms and conditions which govern the use of your debit card.  FNB Community Bank My Debit Card is available to current customers who have an FNB Community Bank Visa Debit Card.

  1.  You certify that you have read and understand the Image Guidelines and that the image you submit to FNB Community Bank for your My Debit Card complies with these guidelines.
  2.   A production fee of $10.00 will be deducted from the primary checking account linked to your debit card each time FNB Community Bank issues a new My Debit Card in your name, whether for a new image or for replacement of an expired, lost, or stolen card.
  3. You authorize FNB Community Bank to charge all applicable fees to the checking account associated with your My Debit Card when your card is ordered.
  4. In addition to your compliance of the Image Guidelines, you represent and warrant to FNB Community Bank:
    1. The image you submit was created by you and you are the owner of the image, and/or you obtained express written consent from the owner of the image for you to use it on your My Debit Card and for FNB Community Bank to alter, copy, print distribute, prepare and use the image on your My Debit Card;
    2. You have obtained the express consent of any person other than yourself who appears in the image you are submitting; and
    3. Use of the image will not infringe any business’ or individual’s rights, including intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights.
  5. You grant to FNB Community Bank a perpetual, non-transferable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable license to use the image and other data you provide to FNB Community Bank for the purpose of providing your customized card.
  6. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold FNB Community Bank, its affiliates, subsidiaries, its card membership organizations and its and their respective shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, members, contractors and representatives from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses of any nature whatsoever (including but not limited to attorney’s fees) that may arise from the issuance or use of your customized card with your submitted image on it, including (without limitation) any and all claims alleging trademark or copyright infringement, and/or the violation of a right of privacy or publicity or any other right.
  7. FNB Community Bank’s liability hereunder is limited to refunding any fee associated with the issuance of a customized card and FNB Community Bank is not liable to you for any loss, damage, claim, or expense whatsoever in relation to any action or omission by FNB Community Bank in connection with the customized card service or product. FNB Communtiy Bank is not responsible for poor-quality images or images poorly positioned on the customized card template. Images and copies thereof will not be returned to you for any reason.
  8. Your My Debit Card remains the property of FNB Community Bank. You agree to return or destroy the card immediately if asked by FNB Community Bank for any reason, or if the account linked to your My Debit Card is closed.
  9. Rejected images, superseded images, and images from canceled My Debit Cards, accepted images and copies thereof, may be stored for any period of time and may be purged at any time that FNB Community Bank may choose at its sole discretion.
  10. FNB Community Bank reserves the right not to accept or use any image you submit, or to refuse to issue a My Debit Card for any reason whatsoever at FNB Community Bank’s sole discretion.
  11. If a submitted image is rejected, FNB Community Bank will notify you by email, without any obligation to justify its decision.
  12. If a submitted image is rejected, you can submit a new image and request a new card design. However, if you repeatedly submit images that do not follow the Terms and Conditions and Image Guidelines, FNB Community Bank reserves the right to exclude you from future use of this service.
  13. FNB Community Bank reserves the right to amend, modify, supplement, revoke, or terminate these Terms and Conditions and/or the Image Guidelines at any time, and any such change shall be binding, and your continued use of the My Debit Card constitutes your consent and ratification of any change made by FNB Community Bank.

If FNB Community Bank requests, before or after accepting your image, you shall provide FNB Community Bank with reasonable proof of such ownership, written consent and/or non-infringement.

FNB Community Bank reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, whether a submitted image will be accepted. All images must have the consent of the owner including those images downloaded from the Internet. Each image also must follow the Visa® Issuing Guidelines as set by Visa® International. All images in our My Debit Card photo galleries adhere to our image guidelines. FNB Community Bank will not accept images that contain any of the following:

  • Company names, logos, slogans, third party brands, trademarks, copyrighted items, or any image which may be protected by trademark or copyright.
  • Professional athletes, politicians, celebrities, public figures (excluding permission based photos of you, your family members, or friends photographed with a famous person).
  • Depictions of illegal activities or otherwise inappropriate behavior.
  • Addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers or other personal identification numbers, URL addresses.
  • Items that may be considered obscene, offensive, indecent, provocative, nude, semi-nude, lewd, or otherwise inappropriate images, including profanity.
  • Political affiliations or other socially sensitive images.
  • Racially sensitive material.
  • Artwork which was created by a third party for which you have not obtained permission from the owner to use.
  • Cartoon or other characters for which express permissions have not been obtained. This includes images that you have not created and do not have permission to use.
  • Any other image which is deemed unacceptable and reflects negatively on the branding message of your financial institution.
  • Any references to Visa® sponsorship properties (e.g. Olympics - except for those associated with approved programs)
  • Any photo that might result in non-acceptance or other problems at the point of sale
  • Any printing or process that interferes with the required security features of the card
  • Reproduction of currency, where applicable
  • Any image that may potentially bring the Visa® brand into disrepute
  • Any image FNB Community Bank deems unacceptable to be associated with the FNB Community Bank brand. 

This list is not all-inclusive; FNB Community Bank retains the right to decide that any submitted image is not to be used. Such determination shall be made in the sole discretion of FNB Community Bank, and any decision of FNB Community Bank to refuse to utilize a submitted image is final. Images that do NOT meet the above guidelines will be rejected and you will be notified by email. You may then submit another image.

  • Image files can be .jpeg or .bmp
  • Minumim resolution of 1015 X 640.
  • Print orientation is Landscape.  Portrait orientated images may not adjust to scale as well.
  • As you increase the scale of your image, print quality may decline.
  • The larger your image file size, the longer it will take to upload.