Did you know that you can earn rewards without having to do anything you don't do already? Just use your FNB Visa® debit card to make signature-based purchases and you'll automatically earn points to redeem for great rewards.

How it works

You buy something by swiping your card (you must choose the "credit" option). Funds are automatically deducted from your account just like any other debit card.

But that's not all…

For every $2 you spend, you get a point. Redeem your UChoose Rewards points for gift certificates, hotel stays, airline tickets, and more. You can redeem your points for rewards as soon as you reach 1,500 points, or you can continue to accumulate points for even bigger rewards. It’s that simple!

Get started now!

A one-time sign up is required. You can begin earning points immediately and the program is FREE!

Register your card, track your points, and SHOP by going to uchooserewards.com.


Please Note:

As of October 1, 2022, the uChoose Rewards redemption sites for Gift Cards, Travel, and Merchandise will no longer support the following browser levels:

+ Chrome v95 or older
+ Firefox v94 or older
+ Microsoft Edge v95 or older

Starting January 1, 2023, these sites will no longer support Internet Explorer 11.

If you are attempting to access uChoose Rewards redemption pages with these unsupported browser levels, the system will enforce an automatic version update to continue.

We have no corresponding browser restriction to access the home page of uChoose Rewards. These browser standards are limited to the redemption pages.

Please ensure your browser is always at, or within one version of, the then-current industry standard version to avoid any performance issues.