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Mobile Wallets

Use your FNB credit or debit card directly from your Apple, Google, or Samsung phone to pay for purchases at many of your favorite stores.

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Apple Pay

Apple Pay™ is the new way to pay.

Breeze through checkout and leave your FNB card at home. Apple Pay™ lets you make purchases without opening your pocketbook, or even an app.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is an easy, secure and private way to make purchases.

To pay, just hold your iPhone® near the reader, press the Touch ID sensor, and feel the good vibration of a simple, secure, private payment. And, you’ll get the same rewards you would for using plastic.

How to enroll

It’s easy to get started!

  1. To add an FNB debit card, enter your card information into Wallet, a native app found on your home screen.
  2. If your FNB debit card is already connected to your iTunes® account, just enter the security code when you enroll in Apple Pay.

How to pay

Payments are a snap!

  1. Look for the Pay Wave® or Apple Pay symbol at checkout and hold your phone near the contactless reader.
  2. Place your finger on the Touch ID. Or, you may need to enter a passcode and sign a receipt.
  3. Keep your phone by the reader until it vibrates and beeps, indicating that your payment was accepted.

Apple Pay is safe.

When you use Apple Pay, your FNB card number is not stored on your phone or given to the merchant. Instead, a unique device account number, along with a transaction-specific security code, is used to process your payment. Paying with Apple Pay is always private because the cashier never sees your name, card numbers or security code.

Have more questions?

To learn more about Apple Pay, visit

Google Pay

Pay confidently on the go with Google Pay™.

Confidence. Simplicity. And the things you love about your FNB Visa card.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Download the Google Pay app.
  2. Add your FNB Visa card - it's as simple as snapping a photo
  3. Pay confidently at over a million locations in the U.S.

Use it today

There's a lot to love about Google Pay. Like how it lets you use your FNB card at over a million locations in the U.S. See a full list of Google Pay places to pay at Google Pay works on Android devices running KitKat 4.4 or higher.

Get extra layers of security

Google Pay never uses your actual card number. Instead, it uses a virtual account number so your card details and private info stay safe.

Have more questions?

To learn more about Google Pay, visit

Samsung Pay

FNB + Samsung Pay™ is here.

Enjoy the things you love about your FNB Visa® card, right on your device. Use it almost anywhere you can swipe or tap your card and count on security with fingerprint technology.

Simple to Set up. Simple to Pay.

  1. Make sure your compatible Samsung device* is updated with Samsung Pay
  2. Take a picture of your FNB Visa with your device’s camera
  3. Secure it with your fingerprint and backup PIN and you’ll be ready to go

Our Best Security, Built-In.

Samsung Pay transactions are authorized with your fingerprint and use a digital identifier instead of your card number. And even if your phone is compromised, Samsung Knox technology encrypts your card info within a separate, secure data vault.

Convenience and Coverage.

Samsung Pay makes paying with your phone fast, easy and convenient. Plus, it works almost anywhere you can swipe or tap to pay.* 

Have more questions?

To learn more about Samsung Pay, visit


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